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About Us

Five Sites. One Community. Endless Smiles.


WEBSITE: www.tshirtimpulse.com

THEME: Wear What's Happening Now!

WHAT WE DO: T-SHIRT IMPULSE is an online community hosting a dynamic collection of products that allows people all over the world to make impulsive, opinionated, and individualistic statements through fashion, by leveraging the popularity and poignancy of life events. Long story short, we are the epitome of statement based fashion.


  1. We Release New Designs – EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKDAY.
  2. YOU CHOOSE – The Design, The Style, The Color, and the Size.
  3. We Make It. We Ship It. YOU ROCK IT!


WEB PAGE: www.facebook.com/tshirtimpulse

THEME: Look. Shop. Participate.

WHAT HAPPENS HERE: Key word in our vision statement - - - COMMUNITY. Here is where we foster an interactive environment with each of our ever loyal fans and customers. The T-SHIRT IMPULSE Facebook Page is absolutely the best place to check out:

  • New Design Sneak Peeks
  • Promotional Contests and Giveaways
  • T-SHIRT IMPULSE Fan Photo Galleries
  • Site Enhancement Update Notifications
  • The Official "What's Your Impulse?" Suggestion Box
    • Tell us what you think we should make a design about
    • Tell us how you like your t-shirt
    • Tell us what you think about whatever!


WEBSITE: www.todaysimpulse.com

THEME: Life Happens. We Comment.

WHAT WE DO: TODAY'S IMPULSE is the official voice of our brand. We write and release new blog articles every single weekday. Much like any impulse, our blog commentary is always quick, specific, and to the point. If you don't like laughing, we suggest you don't read it, because it is pretty comical. Life itself is funny, and we simply make interesting observations about interesting events, as they happen, with:

  • Funny Articles.
  • Funny Pictures.
  • Funny Videos.

That's it.


WEB PAGE: www.twitter.com/todaysimpulse (@todaysimpulse)

THEME: Random Commentary On Both Everything And Nothing.

WHAT HAPPENS HERE: This is where the folks at TODAY'S IMPULSE really run amuck, albeit 140 characters at a time. "Foolish" is the only word that seems an appropriate descriptor of our Twitter page. Seriously. Oh, and here is where you will also find updates on special offers and discounts, available ONLY to our followers. Yeah, we're selectively exclusive like that. #dealwithit


WEB PAGE: www.youtube.com/user/todaysimpulse

THEME: Watch. Laugh. Watch Again.

WHAT HAPPENS HERE: The TODAY'S IMPULSE YouTube Channel is where we consolidate each of the viral videos created from all over the world into one place. There is only one criterion – we only put it up if YOU like it! Consider it your own personal video library of all the truly sidesplitting antics that are taking place all across the globe. If it is "Ha-Ha!" funny…trust…it is here.